The heat is too much.


This actually explains everything right now. I have to go back to uni to pack up the last of my things, ready for moving out. Its been a long year but taking that one step to moving on from that flat is going to be a mission and a half….

Its also too hot. I’m used to the cold weather and having to wear ten jumpers at a time, this is something I’m just not prepped for.


Fresh Start

I haven’t posted anything in a few years, and trying to find this account was a struggle. But anyway, i’m here and ready for a fresh start. After starting uni I suddenly felt as though I had lost who I was; along with everything I stood for. Some sort of grounding and structure is exactly what I need right now.

“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion”

– Rumi


Okay, I feel like a complete and utter muppet for not reading or posting anything on this but I’ve been spending waay too much time playing Assassin’s Creed. I’m sorry. Although, on a different note I’ve planned a day out to Birmingham tomorrow. So hopefully (emphasis on the hopefully) I’ll have some sort of post about my day with pictures and stuff.
I’ve also asked my cousin for the graphics tablet she owes me for getting an A* at GCSE (lol, I know) and like yeah, it’s been about a year and I still don’t have it.

blog post every day once i get it? i think so.
anyway, if you’ve bothered to take the time out to read this or any of my other posts too, i love you.




So yeah, it’s coming through Leicester today and people aren’t as excited for it compared to when the Queen turned up at college to leave Leicester on here little cute helicopter. I was planning to see it come round past my college with some friends but it’d mean I would have to wait around for about two and a half hours. Sack that?! Yeah, so I decided to turn up at my cousins to see it with my family instead because it’s closer to the route they’re taking which means i’m inside and dry for a longer period of time… one problem… my cousin left as soon as I came to go see her friend haha.
I’m really not fussed because she did ask me if I wanted to go, but like… awkward. Even though we are both the same age with a three day difference, why would I want to hang out with her and her friend?!

Anyway, yeah. Torch later, woo.
LOL if we end up missing the whole thing because Indians are usually really bad with timing and I’m sure we’ll fuck up and miss it all somehow…